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Getting started

Select an enrolment form from the top menu, fill it out and hit submit!

Working on drafts

Some of the longer application forms allow you to save a draft. When you return to this website, just go to the page where your form is located and pick up where you left off.

Updating and deleting your data

Here you will find links to the registration forms you previously submitted, sorted by date.

If you would like to change something prior to the starting date of your event, click on the date link, make the necessary changes, then resubmit the form using the “Update” button. A copy of the updated data will be sent to you and the event organizer automatically.

You can delete your data at any time. If you delete it prior to the starting date of the event, this will not cancel your registration. To cancel, please contact the event organizer directly.

Account deletion

You can delete your account by clicking the link below. To ensure that all your data are removed from our server, first delete any form data submitted previously (see above).

Permanently delete my account